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Jena and Sommer have their fun with your ass. Part 2 (Assplay with toys, Oral play with toy, CEI, self facial, CBT, sissyplay)

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17 minutes


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[ CBT ]  |  [ Assplay ]  |  [ CEI ]  |  [ Sissyplay ]  |  [ Femdom ]


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[ Jena Frumes ]  |  [ Sommer Ray ]

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Really? Late again, you are the worst slave. I'm going to make sure Sommer is extra harsh on you today. She gave me a list of what you need: 2 toys (1 to suck on and 1 for your ass) Lube (or spit) Pretty similar to last time, but I worry for you if you have to have 2 toys. Sommer gets dirty.

She said she is going to be a little late, so told me to get you hard WITHOUT lube. But I'm still your mistress from before so let me have my fun with you. I haven't got long, but I wanna see your ass at work one more time. But get yourself hard first.

Now, get your bigger toy. I'll be waiting. Lube it up, quite a lot, but not too much. Now set it on the floor for me. And squat over it like last time. You have 10 seconds. NOW DROP! I hope that hurt your sissy ass.

Jena: Come in! Sommer: Oh, I see you went a little further than what I said Jena. Yeah sorry, his cock is so underwhelming that I wanted to see his ass work again. You can get off of it now. Sommer: Mmmmm, he does have a good ass, not as good as ours though! Jena: Agreed, I need to go anyway Sommer. Be very harsh on him. Sommer: I will, don't worry.