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Jennifer Lawrence gets into bed with you

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41 minutes


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[ Endurance/Stamina ]  |  [ Edging ]


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[ Jennifer Lawrence ]

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You wake up one morning, and as you open your eyes, you realize, this isn't your bed. This isn't your house. You start to freak out, and then you hear a door open. Jennifer Lawrence walks into the room, and smiles at you, you look at her in shock maybe I can have a play with it?" You Will Need: Lube Something to tie around your cock (A shoelace works well) I'll wait for you.

Jennifer climbs onto the edge of the bed, she pulls the blanket away, to reveal your entire body. you're already hard huh? Why don't you take it out for me baby?"

She crawls towards you, and sits with her legs crossed, right in front of your cock Well why don't you lube it up for me." Now do 60 medium strokes for me?

"Does that feel good baby? I bet it does." 30 Slow Strokes.

Why don't we pick up the pace.." 80 Fast Strokes.

"Yeah, you like it fast don't you? You're such a naughty boy.." 100 More Fast Strokes.