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Jessica Nigri's Sanctuary - Massive Collection (100+ Images, Multiple Orgasms, Extremely long)

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276 minutes


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[ Edging ]  |  [ Endurance/Stamina ]


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[ Jessica Nigri ]

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Hello there, this is something super special for you. I've been waiting to do this for a very long time now and now it's finally here. Its a collection of sorts that is all of me. Now, you probably aren't going to get through this entire thing in fact I don't think most people are going to. That being said you do have a couple options about how you want to tackle this. You could stop on the picture you cum to then continue from that place when you're ready again, you could stroke to all my pictures and see how far you get before you cum or you could pick one set you really like and start stroking there. There's many different options here, so do whatever you like. This isn't supposed to be strict or anything like that. I'd be flattered if you came to as many pictures of me as you could though. Many of my sets will have cum prompts, but not all will so keep that in mind. Due to how much content there is I'm not going to be speaking your ears off on all of these, but I'll give you simple enough commands. Get yourself hard and get naked I want you to cum until you can't cum anymore. Cum big loads for your favorite cosplayer and do it as much as you want. Cum when you want to, but if I tell you to cum you can follow it or continue on with the secondary option. Or as I said follow some of the other options above that I stated. Really, you can do whatever you want. Enjoy yourself, but please don't try to overexert yourself. I wouldn't want to see you hurt yourself.

Let's start off with one of my favorite sets. I wonder how aroused you are from a 1-10? Everyone knows about me and would say 10 definitely.