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JOI with Jena Frumes

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[ Jena Frumes ]

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So, Livia told me the other day about you. About how sexy you were and how she made you cum so fucking hard. She was literally paying with her pussy as she described me the details. You got her all hot and bothered and shit…

You think you can get me hot and bothered too? Get your dick out and stroke it for me…

My ass in this tight dress will get your dick even harder…

20 medium strokes for me this time…

You like fit girls don't you. Show me how much you like girls like me…

Mind if my girlfriend here watches? 8 medium strokes for each of us. 16 strokes all together…

Let me get into something a lot sexier for you. You like this blue bikini? Stroke 25 times fast as you get closer and closer to cumming…

You're at the point of no return baby. You decide if you want to cum to my boobs or my ass. What you like more?

So, what's it going to be?

Wanna cum to my boobs? Stroke yourself to one of the next photos, whichever photo you perfer…