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JOIP Camila Cabello - The Red Carpet

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[ Camila Cabello ]

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You walk the red carpet, your role security to Camila Cabello as she attends a screening of her latest hit song.

She puts on a great live performance for all the fans in attendance, and you sit back and admire her beauty.

As she performs, you take in the impossible curvature of her ass and absolutely cannot control yourself.

She finishes her concert and sashays past you, lightly tapping you on the shoulder as an indication to follow her. Your hardness makes it difficult but you manage to waddle behind her until you look around and realise you're no longer on the red carpet, but entering a dressing room; and you're the only security guard left.

Camila sits back and brushes off her top, leaving her close to nude. "Like what you see? Of course you do, you always do. I notice y'know. Well it's your lucky day, because I'm in need of a rough fucking and I can see that raging boner in your pants, it's all I want right now." You desire nothing more than to indulge Camila and take off your pants, exposing your hard cock.

She lays back seductively, and you can't help but feel like you're being invited to join her. You walk forward, your heart beating fast in anticipation at what's about to happen.

Camila drags your pants down and is immediately going to work on your cock, sucking you so good, you nearly collapse.

She rises up a little, your cock still in her mouth and begins to slowly pull down her own trousers.

Her lips slide off your cock with a wet pop as she flips over for you. "You want my ass, don't you? Haha, the whole world does.