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Kaley Cuoco makes you cum in her...

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[ Kaley Cuoco ]

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Hey, I was just eating my lunch and… oh my… She looks down… Umm… you do realise you have a bulge in your pants.

Oh my god, stop. You can't just show up here with a boner. Get rid of it.

Really? Fine then. I guess I will just help you get rid of it. Pull it out, and show me what you got.

Hehehe! That's so adorable. Well, it will have to do! Oh… it's not fully hard yet? Sure… Sarcastically What are you waiting for then, rub it till it's as big as it can get!

You like my bra? Give me 15 quick strokes.

Pathetic! Squeeze that cock tighter. Do I need to use these superhero muscles to show you how tight you should be holding? Hold it super tight for 15 seconds.

That's better, give me 30 fast strokes.

Give me 20 for these tits and 20 for this ass at a medium pace.

Good boy. Finally, something worth watching! Give me 20 strokes for this killer dress. Tell me how hot I look, OUT LOUD.

Now we're having some fun.