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Kate Beckinsale's Fantasy JOIP

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[ Endurance/Stamina ]  |  [ Edging ]


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[ Kate Beckinsale ]

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Today , I will give you the pleasure of jerking of to me. We are going to have alot of fun and I can't wait for you to imagine what I have in store for you today. so take off those pants if you haven't already and get ready.

Are you already hard? I need your cock hard for this you know, if it isn't, get it hard quickly, because we shouldn't waste any time. If you were already hard by just looking at me you can start with about 10 slow strokes.

I can see you are all set and hard. and wow, that cock is not something to be ashamed about, it's quite the unit. so let's start stroking it 20 times really slow and sensual shall we?

Continue at that pace 10 more times, I want you to really get your cock as hard as it can be.

Are you confident your cock is as hard as this bust? sorry I had to make that joke, let's start cranking up the speed shall we ? stroke 40 times at a medium speed.

Don't stop, 50 more medium strokes. I want you warmed up before I really start. Tell me, what part of me do you love most?

Would you want to get under this dress and lick my pussy till the end of times? don't forget to stroke, 30 times medium.

Or would you want to get on top of me and fuck me while squeezing my juicy boobs? stroke a bit faster, 30 times.

maybe you want me to ride you to heaven, grinding your dick until you cum inside of me. continue stroking 40 times.

If you don't want any of those things, maybe you want me to put your big cock in my mouth? lick it with my wet tongue, move it around a bit, letting it bust right in my face. Imagine that while stroking 15 times slowly.

you know, I have a little fantasy I want to tell you but first I want you to tell me what you would want to do to me, just to let me get a little wetter, stroke 20 times slowly before you tell me