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Kate Upton through the years

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Oh hey, mister. I can probably guess why you're here. Ever since I turned 18 and started modeling more, men have been telling me how hot I am and how much I turn them on. Don't get me wrong, it's flattering and all, but I'm still not used to being objectified this much. I guess it comes with the territory though.

Holy shit, are you hard already? Fuck, we just met. I swear, all you men are the same. You just want to stare at my body and jerk off. You know what? Fine, I guess it's pointless for me to resist it. Maybe everyone else is right and I am just a slut.

Sometimes I go online to see what strangers write about me. They're usually obsessed with my body and what they would do to it. I guess I do need to get used to total strangers masturbating to me.

Wow, that's not a nice cock! Maybe I'll enjoy this after all. I think I'm a little curious now. Why don't you start stroking for me a little.

Ok, I think I can get into this. Tell me what you like about my body.

Mmmmm, I think I'm actually starting to enjoy this. I have to admit, I'm a little turned on watching you jerk off to me.

I've always been a little shy. Compliments are always nice, but this is a whole new game. Most girls my age are just starting college.