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[L] Pokimane's Belated Valentine's Day Gift


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[ Pokimane ]

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One day while you're on Discord, you get a private message from your favorite female streamer, Pokimane. Being a member of one of the higher tiers of her Patreon granted you access to a special account where you could occasionally chat with her one-on-one as a small "thank you" for your support. P: "Hey! Happy late Valentine's Day! Sorry I couldn't wish you one yesterday, I was busy with the festive stream, but you probably know that, hehe! You: "Oh, thanks, same to you." You make small talk for a while before she finally asks what you'd been desperately hoping she wouldn't. P: "Didja spend it with a special ladyyy??? ;3" You: "Nope, single for this one..smh." P: "Aw! Well, how about we get on cam and I'll try to cheer you up! You're one of my best patrons afteraalllll" You couldn't believe she had really offered to get on cam, since the tier only mentioned texting as a reward, but you chose not to argue and quickly got on cam with her.

When her image appeared on screen, she was wearing noticably less than she usually wore on stream, a small tank top and seemingly only panties. As you eyed her, you quickly grew hard, fortunately out of frame. She gave a small wave with a cute smile. "So, how about I give you a little 'Gee Eff Eee'"