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Hi I'm Laura, Umm look your really hot and I could use a little fun right now, Would you like to play a game?

Aw flowers for me thank you so much, Lets begin take off your clothes and get your cock hard.

Not bad now give me 35 slow tight strokes.

Good now look at my sexy tummy, Give me 45 medium strokes.

Now look at my cleavage in this dress does it turn you on? … Give me 75 fast strokes.

Do you like my ass? … You better cause I'm gonna make you jerk it to my ass a lot, Give me 85 medium strokes.

Now 45 fast strokes for my ass.

Now I want 50 medium strokes for my ass and bare back in this dress.

One more round ass then I'll let you stroke to my other features for a while, Give me 90 Medium strokes

Now look at my boobs in this dress don't they look great? … Give me 100 medium strokes.

Come a little closer now really stare at them and give me 125 fast strokes.

just look at my legs and hold the edge for 10 seconds, then stop for another 10 seconds and then start stroking again until edge.

Don't this shirt look good on me?… & the girl on it is pretty hot right? … Give me 45 medium strokes and me on the shirt 25 fast strokes

Now give my tummy some more love I know you like it. Give me 75 fast strokes.

Give me 85 medium strokes while you watch me pose.

I know your drooling after seeing my boobs in this, Give me a 150 fast strokes.

& a little more booty love please, Lets see make it 50 medium strokes.

Now check me out in this outfit give me 45 medium strokes.

Are you trying to look down my shirt? (Blushes) … Give me 85 Medium strokes.

Now look into my eyes and tell me everything you want to do to me, Give me 50 fast strokes.