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Lexi Rivera wants a perfect boyfriend - Part 1 (Storytelling, Stamina, Teasing)

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29 minutes


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[ Storytelling ]  |  [ Endurance/Stamina ]  |  [ Choices ]  |  [ Teasing ]


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[ Lexi Rivera ]

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After your breakup, you decide to "fuck it all" and go on a well-deserved holiday by yourself. On your first day you decide to go for a walk, exploring the area. At the reception of the hotel they told you to not miss the harbor. As it's only 5 minutes away, you decide to go there first.

It's a perfect day. Great temperature, sunshine, great vibes in the air. It's still early though, so there aren't many people around yet. You look around, deciding where to go next when you notice a girl with a white baseball cap and tight top. A very tight top - it is hard not to look. Whilst checking her out in the distance, you notice she noticed you are checking her out. So, you put on your sunglasses and look the other direction, pretending to be lost. After scratching your head, you calmly turn towards her again and start walking. Then she starts to walk towards you as well. When you are within talking distance, your eyes meet.

"Hi", she says. "Hi, how are you?", you reply. "I'm feeling great, thank you. It's a gorgeous day, don't you think?" "Yeah, absolutely… "