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Let's imagine a timeline wherein Lucy Pinder decides to get back into modeling, and you, are an incredibly lucky and horny individual that just so happens to have "photography and headshots" on your LinkedIn. (You tell yourself Instagram does count)You receive an alert one evening…

Since Lucy is a modeling queen - she figures that with the right attitude, and the right photographer: she can both get off without paying a dime, and get off herself. She puts out an anonymous ad -

Excited at the prospect of a foreign woman for the afternoon - you head across town and stand on the porch to be greeted by indeed a woman who has just moved from Europe- but also the sexiest woman alive, and a personal favorite crush of yours - Lucy Pinder, holding the door open for you to stumble into her place.

She smiles at you, and walks over, but before she's even within handshake distance you are bulging. Lucy simply smiles with a playful eye roll, and hands on her hips, she strides across you, staring you down with her piercing, amber gaze.

"You lucked out today, honey. Believe me, babe. I can tell you know who I am. now, normally it's sunglasses and no make up and I even pretend to not be me, but with you. With you? It's different."

She smiles a radiant smile at you before smirking in satisfaction as she puts her arms around your shoulders for an intimate hug.

"I can tell baby, you've lusted over me for years now, I know. Such a long time, looking over my body and worshipping me one stroke and dirty thought at a time, over the years - as you grow. I'm so honored!"

"Am I right? From the look on your face - I am!"

"I get it, I am quite the one to look upon. People throw the term goddess out - and I think that's a bit much- but it does make me smile. Do you think I'm a goddess?"

Start massaging your cock through your pants and nod your head yes in agreement.

"Mhmm, yes baby! That is precisely why I am here! To offer you an incredible, damn near religious experience.