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[ Hayley Atwell ]

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Hey, it's me, Hayley Atwell. We both know what you're here for - I don't know about you, but I personally can't wait. Admire this perfect figure as long as you want, but pull out that cock of yours soon.

Oh, my. That's better than I could have ever expected. I hope we're both thinking the same thing right now. I bet you, too, want that dick between my soft pink lips. Play with the tip for 30 seconds, imagining my lips kissing your dick.

Is this how you first saw me? I bet you couldn't keep your eyes off these inviting red lips - unless you were lusting for my long, smooth legs. I couldn't blame you. Guys often say I'm irresistible. Give me 20 slow, teasing strokes.

How about my face? These eyes of mine? If only they were looking into yours as you softly teased that perfect cock just for me. 20 strokes, real slow for me.

God, I love watching you work that cock. Even as you stroke gently, I can't help but wish it was my hand around you to help you out. I know you want that too. Another 20 slow, gentle strokes. Take your time.