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Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have some fun [Edging] [Tease]

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16 minutes


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[ Edging ]  |  [ Teasing ]


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[ Maisie Williams ]  |  [ Sophie Turner ]

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Hey you. Ya you. What's that in your pants? Is that a boner? Disgusting but why don't you let me see it I love a good dick.

Oh my… it's way bigger then I thought it would be. Well go on then give it a few slow strokes. - 5 slow strokes

No we shouldn't do this. This is so wrong. Yes, close this immediately. Ok, maybe you have a point… continue…

Just look into my beautiful eye for 25 medium strokes Tell me how beautiful I am

Keep looking into my eyes. Don't break eye contacts another 25 strokes fast

Oh I bet you just want me to turn around don't you - 10 fast strokes

I'm so fucking hot, aren't I? Give me another 15 slow strokes

Another slow 15 think about me using my cute little mouth to suck your big dripping cock

Imagine my perfect lips resting on your dick - 25 medium strokes

Now Edge but DO NOT CUM.

Stop Sophie walks in and whispers something in Maisie's ear looks at you and then Maisie says something back

Sophie "Look at us and start stroking again"