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You. Yes you come over here.. I've been feeling a bit exhausted lately so you get to be my entertainment for the day. So fish out your cock so we can start, I'm becoming so bored already watching you stare at me flustering around like that. You're only a grunt? Yes, I know but I don't think I stuttered. Sit there and take it out, I won't repeat myself.

It's not bad I guess, although I surely wouldn't want it monstrously big. Take both of your hands and stroke 40 times twice. Go as fast or as slow as you'd like to go as long as you don't cum.

I know team Yell has quite the following for me, but I didn't think you would be this excited to see me. I suppose you really do like me, huh? I didn't think I'd have my own fanclub, but I don't mind it that much. Pull your undergarments all the way down, and stroke it slowly for me. Use your thumb to gently go over the tip until you're as hard as you can be.

It's becoming a bit exciting seeing you jerk off like that. I doubt you'd thought you'd be jerking off in front of me when you woke up today, huh? You're kinda cute you know. Maybe this wasn't the worse idea after all you don't seem as mindless as some of the other grunts in team Yell. Let's speed it up.