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Hey so you're the guy that payed extra for some more of my content? Well. You have to earn my content, money won't pay for it all. To satisfy me and yourself, you must follow my instructions. I don't care how much it hurts you, you wanted this.

Start by stroking up and down your shaft with one fingertip 50 times. I want you rock hard.

But wait you can't have fun just yet. Massage your balls gently for 20 seconds.

moan, well now that your balls are nice and soft, it's time to break them. Ready? Nevermind that. I don't care if you're ready. Pull up on your dick with one hand so your balls are tight against you, and with the other hand, punch your balls hard 10 times.

Now do you deserve to stroke yet? moan… no. Lightly caress your dick up and down 20 times.

Maybe now you deserve it, but not at a cost. You may stroke 30 times slowly, but every 10 strokes you must slap your balls 5 times.

I hope you're a tit-guy, because the next few ones are focused on my tits, but luckily, that's not even the best part of my body. 40 medium paced strokes.

Now for my cleavage give me 20 fast strokes for each tit (40 total)

don't get too ahead of yourself there though. Remember who's in charge. Slap each of your balls 15 times.

I bet you really wanna stroke again… flip a coin, good luck.