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New Year's eve with Mia Khalifa


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[ Mia Khalifa ]

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As usually, after finish working you take some relax by playing tennis at the park outside the city… and today you can't believe your eyes…

For some reason Mia fucking Khalifa is there training. Obviously you have never seen her before… in real life, cause of course you know her really well… but you don't wanna be rude

She asks you to play a game together since you are the only one there. Of course you accept. You are trying so bad to not look at her big cleavage but it's almost an impossible task… your eyes keeps falling down there

As soon as the game starts you realize how difficult it is to play tennis with a boner. Your cock fucking hurt just by watching her tits giggle while swinging around… They seems so fucking delicious

After 10 minutes you can't take it anymore. Those tits are too much, your cock is throbbing in your pants, so you ask her to take a break. You know… Tennis is really challenging…

"Already a break?", she asks you directly. You are trying desperately to not stick your face between those huge boobs right there, right now…

No fucking way… she's sitting right in front of you… with those melons hanging down… they must be so much heavy and so fucking milky, you are literally hypnotized by those boobs. In trance, everything else is out of focus now… until…

"Ops…" She drops her tennis racket… that snaps you out of the trance. Back to reality you realize your cock is so fucking hard… it's visible under your shorts…

"Are you staring at something?", she asks you. Ok she knows. Fuck it, you decide to tell the truth. "I'm sorry Mia but I've recognized you instantly… I didn't want to be rude so I tried to focus but… but you are too fucking sexy.