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Oral Fixation: Dick Suckers Anonymous ft. Chloe Grace Moretz, Miranda Cosgrove, Dove Cameron, & Debby Ryan, pt 1

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6 minutes


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[ Edging ]  |  [ Femdom ]


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[ Chloe Grace Moretz ]

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Hi there, I haven't seen you here before. Are you here for our support group? No, of course not, you're just passing by. Our group is mostly for women anyway. Women with… oral fixations. That get your attention? Want me to show you what we're all about? rub yourself through your pants and get hard

We're a support group for women who are addicted to sucking cock, but none of us are really trying to quit. We just tell stories, share tips and techniques, and make fun of each other for being total sluts. Speaking of… I can tell you like my lipstick, don't you think it would look better smeared up and down your shaft? Come on, whip it out and let me see it, pleeease!

Whoooa! That's a big dick! And you're already pretty hard. Let me see you stroke it for me, 15 medium strokes.

Mmmmm, yes, just like that. You're making my mouth water. 25 medium strokes.

You like my big, soft dick sucking lips, don't you? 12 slow strokes.

I like putting on a ton of make-up just so guys can smear it when they slap their cocks on my face and shoot their loads all over me… 10 medium strokes and 10 fast strokes.

Watching you stroke that thing is just too much to handle. I need to suck it. Now.

I can't believe how much of a blowjob addict I am.