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Pokimane Repay’s you (Edging, encouragement, stamina, denial, story, a bit of comedy)


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[ Edging ]  |  [ Endurance/Stamina ]  |  [ Denial ]


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[ Pokimane ]

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Notes before you start: -This is my first (and probably only) JOIP. -I'm deciding to take a slightly different take to most JOIPs I've seen so if you want to do something different by all means go for it. -Take the instructions as a suggestion and have fun with it. -You want to start clothed for the best experience and might need a couple hours :) -if an instruction follows another do it the same way unless told otherwise: for example if the last post tells you to jerk with your off-hand the next one would also be with you off-hand unless you are told to change. -You don't need anything for this JOIP but if you want to use lube or anything else go for it. Challenge yourself! -Instructions will be between stars "*" -Enjoy!

As quarantine started last March, you were bored at home and decided to watch something on Twitch. On the front page of Twitch you find a very attractive female streamer, Pokimane. You didn't think much of it at first but soon enough you got addicted. You would tune in to every stream.

One day you see a post by Poki saying that she has put a donation limit on her stream. You saw this as an opportunity to get her attention. Now people would not donate as much, and you found a loophole. Gifted subs had no limit on them so you decided to gift Poki 100 subs.

However your timing could not have been any worse. As soon as your donation goes through she leaves her seat. You look over at the chat and see a mix of POGGERS and PepeLaughs. Devastated you close the stream and go to sleep

You just got Dono-walled

The next day you decide to go get some boba, you heard of this place from one of Pokimane's streams so you decide to walk there.

You walk over to the line and you can't believe your eyes. Pokimane is standing ahead of you.