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Polish fitness blogger Kaja Soboń trains your asshole (Assplay, Edging, CBT)


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21 minutes


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[ CBT ]  |  [ Edging ]  |  [ Assplay ]


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[ Kaja Sobon ]

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Hi there get some items and let's have some fun

So start by taking out this cock and getting it rock hard for me

I see you started growing can it get bigger? Let's see

Let's give some attention to your balls slap them hard 10 times

You like when it hurts don't you? Punch them now 10 more times

Very good so far now tie them up as tight as you can

Great look at you you look so cute, lube your middle finger now very precisely

Great, now fuck yourself with that finger

I'm getting a little bit bored get your second finger lubed

Now insert both of your fingers as far as you would like to insert your dick between my tities

Great now start stretching those fingers apart and fuck yourself

Speed it up for my gorgeous ass

Now lube your ring finger and try inserting 3 fingers take your time

Again stretch your fingers apart and fuck you tight little asshole

Enough attention to your ass let's get back to your dick for now

Now punch your balls 20 times it should hurt really bad

Good now squeeze them and get back to stroking

Do you like my body? If you said yes fuck your ass with 3 fingers 100 times while stroking your cock If you said no insert 4 fingers inside your hole stretch it really hard and punch your balls 20 times

Keep fucking your ass if you didn't previously add 4th finger and keep stroking

Keep going your ass should be stretched by now so speed up

Keep going

And stop get your fingers out of your asshole and squeeze those balls