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Oh did you think the head play and CBT was over? Awww I'm sorry to break it to you, it's not. Now slap your balls 10 times.

Now palm your dick head slowly 20 times to each of my tits (40 total)

Keep palming, faster. Now roll a dice to decide how bad your balls are gonna hurt. If you rolled a… 1: slap your balls 8 times after every picture from here on out 2: slap your balls 20 times 3-4: punch your balls 20 times hard 5-6: squeeze your balls painfully for 30 seconds while palming.

Now I want you to stroke the tip of your dick any way you want 50 times. But you can only look into my eyes and face. If you look away at all you must slap your balls 15 times hard and restart the 50 strokes.

Now stroke only the head 100 times fast

Reach an edge then roll a dice… 1: slap your balls 20 times 2: slap each nut 10 times (20 total) 3: hold the edge for 20 seconds by palming 4: hold the edge for 40 seconds by palming 5-6: hands off for 20 seconds.

Is your dick head all sensitive and dripping with precum? I hope so. Massage your dick head with your fingers by rubbing them up and down the side 60 times.

Keep doing that massaging motion 30 more times.