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Selena Gomez and Scarlett Johansson focus on the head (head focused joip, edging, hard cbt, post orgasm torture, palming, frenulum stroking, chance ending)


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14 minutes


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[ CBT ]  |  [ Edging ]


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[ Scarlett Johansson ]  |  [ Selena Gomez ]

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Hey it's Selena, I heard you're a fan of mine and… wanted to get to know me better. Well, I have a few ideas in mind. Get your dick hard then move on

Today I won't be nice to you. Your balls will hurt and your dick head will be sore. Start off by slapping your balls 10 times. Still no touching your dick.

Now that your balls have a little taste for what's coming, start rubbing the tip of your dick with your thumb slowly. 50 times.

Today I'm going to focus hard on your dick head, no stroking the shaft at all. So use lube, or spit to make sure it's wet enough. Now take one hand and hold it around the base of your head. With the other hand use your palm to press onto your head and rub it. It should be sensitive if you're doing it right. Palm your head slowly 30 times

Now I want you to hold under your dick head again, but this time just stroke your dick head with the other hand, not palming. Do that 30x and when you're done slap your balls 15 times hard.

Keep stroking your head until you're on edge, then move to the next pic while still on edge.

I bet your head is pretty sensitive after all of this stroking. That's too bad, because we aren't nearly done. Flip a coin to decide what you do next. If you got… Heads: hold the edge for another 30 seconds by palming your head, then punch your balls 10 times Tails: hands off for 15 seconds then punch your balls 10 times

Your balls have got to be hurting by now. I don't care, I'm still not done with them.