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Selena Gomez - Fancy Restaurant

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18 minutes


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[ Edging ]  |  [ Ass worship ]


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[ Selena Gomez ]

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Your girlfriend just broke up with you, and left you heartbroken at the table, crying into your starters. She left before the main course even arrived and the goddamn meal cost you 1 and half months salary! You solemnly get ready to leave when someone takes the seat opposite you… IT'S SELENA GOMEZ!

"Bad day? What happened?" Still in disbelief that Selena Gomez in the flesh is sitting opposite you, you manage to choke out the fact that your date left you hanging. "Your date left YOU hanging? Haha, she really missed out then didn't she…" You feel your cock hardening in your pants at the fact that Selena Gomez just essentially told you you're hot.

"So… what are you still doing here?" You tell her you were just leaving and begin to gather your things. Then she grabs your arm and guides you back to the seat. "Tell me… what were you and this girlfr… sorry, ex-girlfriend, planning on doing at the end of the night?" A thought of what she could be suggesting flutters through your mind but you quickly banish it for its outlandishness. She gets up and your heart sinks but she suddenly leans close to your ear and tells you that her hotel is just around the corner, room 27B. She'll be waiting for you.