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"The waters starting to get warmer, You were right!"

"Damn, we've almost been swimming for an hour!"

"Look! Its our yacht! C'mon, lets swim over to it!"

"Ahhhhh, now that we're dry, let's sit down. I need to tell you something…"

"I know we're best friends and everything, but while you were changing, I couldn't help but notice the really big cock right beside me. And I was wondering… if I could see it again?"

"Really? You'll do it? Thats great!!!"

"See how my nipples are getting hard because of you? Pull down your pants, I wanna see it."

"Wow. Thats even bigger then I remembered it."

She giggles, and then asks… "And now give it 30 strokes for me?" Mmmmm… Oh I love it! I want to see it as hard as possible."

"While you give me 25 strokes, let me get a bit more comfy."

"Do you like this lingerie? Then give me 10 hard, slow strokes."

"What about this lingerie? 25 medium strokes."

Maybe you could help me shave my pussy.