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Slutty Russian model Fia Meos invites you to worship her ass (Edging, Ass worship)

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14 minutes


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[ Edging ]  |  [ Ass worship ]


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[ Fia Meos ]

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Hi! So… I couldn't help but notice that you have been staring at my ass all evening…

No no, there's no need to apologize, baby. I'm perfectly aware that my ass is smoking hot and you want to stare at it every chance you get. I just figured you might like to play a little game with me… A game of ass worship. The rules are very simple - I show you sexy pictures of me and my butt and I tell you how to jerk off to them. You just follow my orders. And I will also provide you with some perverted scenarios to imagine while you're doing it so that you cum extra hard. Because I love it when men cum extra hard for my ass.

Can I see a bulge in your pants? So that should mean you like the rules of the game… Let's get started then…

So here's the first shot of my bare asscheeks. I'm sure you like it. Just imagine touching them, feeling the curves and my soft, smooth skin… Fuck yeah. As a matter of fact, I'm feeling my ass right now and it feels amazing… Think about touching and squeezing my buttocks and stroke your cock slowly for 30 seconds.

Here's a selfie where I'm wearing just those cute little panties. Don't you just feel the urge to spank my butt? Oh, I love getting spanked. Actually, I'm gonna spank myself right now. spank Fffuck… spank Oh FUCK! spank OH FUCK YEAH… That feels so good… You like that? Stroke faster for 30 seconds and imagine spanking me…

Oh I love this pic. I'd like you to start edging, appreciating my whole body for a few minutes. Look at my perfectly toned back, my boobs and my ass of course - I think it looks extremely cute paired with these shoes and socks, inviting the viewer to play with me… Holy fuck, this is so hot… You know what - my ass and body is so hot that even I am getting horny looking at it. I know, it's a little weird… and perverted - but you seem to like it, eh?