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STPeach wants your cum

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Hi there, I'm Lisa, but you probably recognize me more by my twitch name STPeach. I heard you've been jerking off to me a lot, or at least that's what most guys tell me after they see my body. So I figured I'd give you a hand today (or maybe more) for being one of my loyal fans.

This is what you came here for right? No? Everyone's always talking about my ass, but my tits are underrated, why don't you admire them for me a little bit. Oh, and I better not see that cock come out until I tell you to.

I'll get on my knees for you and show you what you really wanted to see. I love the way these yoga pants hug my body, don't you?

It's kind of inconvenient having an ass this big you know? You wouldn't believe how long it takes me to pull up these pants, that's why I usually only wear shorts. Oh my, is that a bulge I'm beginning to see? I guess it wouldn't hurt if you started rubbing it lightly over your pants.

That slight smirk you're beginning to see is from watching that bulge grow bigger and knowing I'm the one causing it. I may look cute and innocent, but I love my body even more than you do. So why don't you pull that cock out for your favorite streamer, but no touching yet!

I expected worse to be honest. You like these shorts? I cut them extra low just to be able to show off my peach. Why don't you go ahead and start stroking for me, but it better be loose and slow. You can't cum until I say so!

Hope you didn't forget about these. My tits are the perfect size to tittyfuck, but don't get your hopes up, I'm not letting you go that far.

Damn my thighs look good here, don't you think? Oh, you weren't looking at my thighs? Oh well.