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Trish Stratus JOIP - Stroke to Trish's ass


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[ Trish Stratus ]

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"More of an assman I see? I can respect that. Back in the day, my tits were always more popular, but I certainly never heard any complaints about my ass either. So, lets see if it still gets guys off like it used too. Why don't you show me your balls?"

"Damn, I bet those could pump out a lot of cum. I guess we'll find out right? Start stroking the base of your thick cock for me, baby."

"Now go up a little further, but not all the way to that head."

"Alright, now pump that cock nice and fast for me baby, all the way up now." *Stroke your entire cock now. fast for 30 seconds*

"Now only play with those balls and your tip until you're about to cum." *Get on the edge by only stroking your tip and playing with your balls. Take a rest if you want to after*

"Back at it now babe, stroke at a medium pace for 25 seconds"

"Look at how good my ass looks in these tight yoga pants. Why don't you tighten that grip up for me and stroke nice and fast."

"And how I can work my hips, oh man I used to drive the boys in the back wild.