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Sydney Sweeney lesbian JOI for women

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[ Teasing ]  |  [ Femdom ]

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Hey girl. I just got done with a workout, wanna have a little bit of fun? I'm a bit tired so you're gonna entertain me like the good little slut you are! Here's what you're gonna need to get before we start: - A toy - Lube (or spit) I hope you're ready because I'm going to make you work for it!

I want you to take whichever finger you'd like and start sucking on it. Get it nice and wet for me!

Take that finger out of your mouth now whore and use it to tease your nipples for me.

You wish your boobs were as nice as mine don't you? I want you to get those nipples nice and sensitive for me! Pinch both nipples medium hard.

Does that feel good whore? I bet you liked that didn't you? See how it feels now when you keep playing with them!

Wow. Seeing you play with your tits is even turning me on a little bit. Make it sensual, put on a show for me! Play with your tits more, slide your hands up and down your body softly.

I'm getting a bit flustered myself just watching you obey my every command. Keep teasing your beautiful boobs for me!

Now little slut, slide a hand down your panties and start to tease your clit for mommy, imagine it was me playing with you.