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Talia and Jena dominate you (Assplay, Oral play, Cei)


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[ Assplay ]  |  [ CEI ]

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Oh you actually made it on time today, good job. Guess you decided that after not seeing me in ages you wanted to get as much action as possible.

Talia gave me a list of what she wanted you to have and honestly, I worry for you. - 2 toys (one for ass one for mouth) - Lots of lube - Glass or cup - Something to time you I think I know what the glass is for and you better prepare. She is in here so enjoy sissy boy.

Hi Slut nice to see you brought what I asked you. Lets set some rules. Do what I say, when I say. don't cum until I instruct you to. Speak when asked to and every time I say speak I want you to say "Yes Miss Talia, my ass and mouth are yours to use". Now I want you to get naked right here in front of me and don't forget to say your line.

Mmmmm not the worst I've seen but obviously not the biggest. I mean look at me. Well might as well get stroking bitch. Give me 20 slow strokes with as much lube as you can.

You stroke well, too much time spent stroking clearly. Give me 30 medium strokes.

Mmmmm yeah this is good now. 40 fast strokes and get your mouth toy ready and say the line.

Ok now lick your mouth toy up its length before shoving it as far down your throat as you can. Suck on it like I would and give it good head to it for 45 seconds

That looks so pretty you little bitch.