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[ Taylor Alesia ]

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Hey I heard you were in town and looking for some old friends. Well don't worry I'm here. I know you remember what happened last time we were in town together.

Come with me, maybe we can hang out for a while and maybe finish what we started last time.

Wow it's bigger than I remember! Why don't you stroke it for a bit and get nice and hard for me ;)

Why don't you speed it up for me. Nice long strokes. Really get into it for me.

This is great and all but why don't you let me jerk that dick how it needs to be done.

Just admire me as I jerk your cock. What's you favourite thing about me?

I personally think my tits are my best asset. I mean so do most people. Wouldn't you just love to put your cock in between them and fuck them like it was my ass? I bet you would!

My ass as well. It might not be as big as other girls but guys still love to hold it as I ride them.