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The Rated-R Royal Rumble! [Basically every kink, 30 different girls, 47 different finishes, 400+ images]


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You're going through your e-mails, and are shocked to find one from Vince McMahon himself. The legendary boss of WWE. In the e-mail, he goes into great length about a new Pay-Per-View concept he's been thinking about, and he thinks you'd be great for it. You reply that your interested, but that you have no real wrestling experience. He replies quickly, explaining that he's not interested in your wrestling abilities, but something much more intriguing. about how you've been sleeping with countless employees of his for years, and how you're the perfect man for the job. Finally, he tells you about his idea. A 30 woman Royal Rumble, where the women are all competing for you. With you in the ring with them, for them to do with you as they please. You're even more interested now, but surely that's not even possible, right? Like legally? You reply with your concerns. everyone involved must sign NDA's, there will be absolutely no filming allowed from the crowd. Said crowd will be 18+, and the price for admission will be sky high. You'll even get a cut of the returns, on top of getting to hopefully fuck 30 different women. How could you say no?

A few months pass, and finally it's time. The arena is jam packed with fans, who paid thousands of dollars to be here to see you fuck some hot women. You sit in your chair in the middle of the rind and listen to the crowd and to the announcer as he explains the rules of this new match. the 30 Woman Royal Rumble match! In this match, two women will start the match, every 90 seconds after the bell rings, a new woman will enter the match.