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Tiny, Spanish and French (Kimmy Granger, Bridgette B, Anissa Kate)

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You are attending another meeting. The room is full of famous directors and actors… they are talking about the future of the industry and some other bullshit… While your eyes are glued to her… Kimmy Granger… sitting right in front of you, she's so fucking hot. You notice she's not wearing panties… her pussy seems so fuckable. You have no idea what they all are talking about You can just look at her when suddenly she looks at you, smirking, and asking you: "So what you think about that?"

As soon as she asks that you feel her foot rubbing your pants under the table… her toes are stimulating your cock so bad… She starts to stroke you using her feet and almost makes you cum. You stand up quickly, she's laughing… You just run to the toilet to calm down. As you walk towards it you hear her voice saying "Sorry, I'll be back in a moment" She's probably joining you… You hear the door opening a few seconds later. It's her. She smirks at you once again and just crawl to your pants, whispering: "I know who you are and… I wanna see that cock every girl is talking about"

She's so fucking hot, you take it out and she can't control herself by saying "WOW" as soon as she sees it. She's starts sucking your foreskin… you are growing even more and she stops sucking it just for admiring it again

"Oh My God" Her face is priceless, she's making you even harder just with her facial expressions. Now you just wanna fuck her so hard…

"I don't know if I can handle this… ", she says while watching right at you. Even her hands feel so good on your dick… they are gripping your cock so tight… Now you can answer her "I don't know if I can handle you neither… but I will try it for sure"