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Touch yourself while I watch you

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You may think you're dreaming, but I promise that you're not. You've stroked your cock to me so many times, lusting over my perfect body, and today I'm here to help you out. But don't get it out yet! I want to build the suspense a little.

Seeing me on the street you might not imagine the things running through my head. Each passing glance of a guy sends shivers through me, and I love the thought of them hardening in their pants for my sexy body. Start teasing yourself through your pants.

Do you like touching yourself while I watch you? I bet you like being told what to do. Don't worry, I have plenty of fun ideas for us to try… Continue teasing yourself, rub a little harder now.

Are you starting to get hard? I bet you're dying to start stroking your cock. Well, I won't make you wait too much longer. Slip a hand down your pants and start touching yourself directly

I really was going to make you wait longer, but your bulge is making me very curious… Go ahead and get out that dick, I need to see what you're packing.

Oh wow! You have such a nice dick. I mean, I'm not shocked, but I am a little surprised. Does it get any bigger? Start jerking it slow sensual strokes for 15 seconds.

I love watching you stroke for me! It makes me so horny and excited. Keep going, and show me how your normally stroke! 20 seconds at your regular pace.

Don't you love beating it to my beautiful body? I'm sure you have a favorite part of me of course.