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Vanilla Pokémon Challenge - Part 1: Professor Sonia

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[ Hentai and Anime ]

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Your journey begins here at the Pokemon Lab, where you are introduced to none other than Professor Sonia.

"Hi there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! Name's Sonia, and I'm here to help prepare you for your big journey. We've got one hard and fast rule here: you're not allowed to cum at any point unless otherwise instructed, usually after winning important battles. You don't have to cum, and I'd recommend that you save it for the end, but there will still be various points throughout the challenge where it is permitted." "With that out of the way, let's start by getting yourself ready. Give yourself 15 strokes over your pants for me, nice and slow."

"You'll be needing lots of these on your journey! Speaking of which, 30 more slow strokes over your pants while I explain this challenge." "You'll travel across the region, facing dozens of beautiful women all in an attempt to become the Champion. You'll first need to collect the eight badges from various Gym Leaders before you can challenge the Elite Four, and eventually the Champion. Along the way, you might come across some other girls who could be set on halting your progress, or perhaps willing to give you a helping hand… "

"Which is why you need to be well prepared! This will be a test of your stamina, skill, and willpower, which is why we need to take it extra slow in the beginning. You'll be able to take breaks at certain points in your journey, but only after gym battles, so you still need some endurance! 30 more slow strokes over your pants, and then I promise you can take it out."

"I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting to mention, but I know you'll get the hang of things along the way. Your cock must be aching to be touched. Even I'm getting a wee bit excited! Go ahead, you can take it out now." 20 extra slow strokes.

"Like what you're seeing? Believe it or not, I used to go out and mess around with trainers like yourself.