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Hey there, Big Guy. You think you could help me with something? You see,… it gets real lonely out here in the wasteland and I've been looking for someone to have some "Fun" with. You seem like the kind of guy to help a lonely gal like me, what do you say? Wanna play a game with me? I know just the game for us,…

I think you know where I'm going with this. That look on your face, and that big bulge in your pants says it all. Just listen to what I tell you, okay? Those are the rules, after all,… Listen to my instructions and stroke your cock the way I tell you too. Don't even think about cumming before I tell you too! You'll get to cum when you've done good enough. You've got to earn that, it wouldn't be much of a game without risk, right? Anyways, I'm sure you're just throbbing to get started playing with me. Start rubbing it, slow and steady. Make it grow nice and stiff for me. Keep rubbing and rubbing your cock until it gets really hard. Get it as hard as you can, cause were going to do some stroking. Go ahead and whip it out and show it to me, okay?

Oh! What a nice surprise, such a nice looking cock. Maybe I'll play with it later,… Got it rock hard, huh?