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Who do you cum for? Salma, Kate or Abigail?

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Hey there, I heard you were a horny little boy, and needed some help getting off. Don't worry, me and my friends can help you out with that. So do you want us to help you out?

I'll take the bulge growing in your pants as a yes. Stroke your cock slowly 10 times through your pants.

Good. Now take those pants off and give me 25 medium strokes.

Stare at how tightly this pink outfit fits me and give me 30 fast strokes.

Keep stroking for 25 medium strokes while you stare at my cleavage.

Stroke at the speed my tits are bouncing at for five loops of this gif.

Stroke as fast as you can now and get to the edge.

Now stop stroking and stare at my tits for 30 seconds.

Fine I'll let you stroke to me some more, but you have to shout my name the whole time you're doing it (30 quick strokes).

Good boy now 10 strokes as slowly as possible while you imagine what's under this towel.

It makes me so horny when you listen to all my instructions. Give me 15 strokes at any pace you want.

Give me 20 slow strokes while you stare at my tits.

Now stroke for me as fast as you can for three loops of this gif.

You know you want to cum for me, right? When the time comes and you get to choose between me and my friends you will choose me. Nod your head yes while you stroke your cock at your regular pace 30 times.

Before you go I want you to be a good boy and edge for me on to the next girl.

Oh hey there. You're Salma's friend right? I'm Kate, but you probably knew that already. Why don't you start off with 15 quick strokes.