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Mercy: well hello there shenal! Widow: seeing that you really like us and can't stop jerking off to us we've come here to please you Mercy: don't worry we are not mean. Widow: enough talk let's get into it already I'm going first

Finally alone I'm excited for this I know lot about you so this will be fun. How you say? I mean you won't stop fapping to us. We almost see that huge thing every day and we know what you like too

Like my round ass ;) Get that monster out so and put it in me I can see you're already hard you must be excited too then

Go on put it in (30 medium strokes) Damn, your cock feels so good

you didn't think this would be easy did you?

That's a huge mistake

(20 full speed) GOD you're GOOD don't STOP!!

(20 fast) KEEP GOING can slow down(20 medium)

Didn't think you would be this good at this (15 slow)

(10 slow) I mean it is you're first time right

You want to go again take break if need one (40 fast strokes)


Alright stop I'm going to change into something more comfortable Keep stroking until I come back (10 slow strokes)

i know you love this don't you little perv ;) well shall we continue

(20 medium strokes) *she seems to enjoy it more than you do*

Well last chance do go to the max so go for she she (30 full speed strokes)