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Liv - 'Sup, daddy? You ready to have some fun together?" You - "You bet!" Liv - "Great, because I've been hearing all the ladies back here talking you up for the last year and I've been dying to meet you for the longest time. So why don't you show me what you're working with?"

Liv - "… " You - "So… you like it?" Liv - "OMG it's even better than I thought… can I touch it please, daddy?" Liv reaches down and very slowly starts feeling your cock, base to tip.

Liv looks up into your eyes and grabs a handful of your balls while she continues feeling your dick.

Liv - "Want to know something? They actually stopped letting me do these fan meetup things because I got a tad too invested in it… but you won't tell if I don't tell, right daddy?" You - "Yeah, that sounds fair to me… " Liv - "Perfect!" Liv spits down into her palm and starts jerking you off faster.