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[XL] The Girls of Twitch


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[ Pokimane ]

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Hi there! You may know me, but if not, I'm the Twitch Streamer, Pokimane! Today, a few of my fellow streamers and youtubers and I are going to help you cum, but for now, you and I are going to have a bit of fun. Go ahead and start slowly rubbing your cock through your pants, until you're nice and hard. Then, get your cock out for me.

Wow! You're really big, hehe. Let's start things off slow, I wanna see just how hard you can get for me. Take a nice, tight grip and slowly jerk it 20 times.

Mmmmm, you're getting so hard! It's almost twitching. Maybe this cute little dress will get you throbbing. Give me 20 more slow strokes while you look at my cleavage.

It looks like you're ready to pick up the pace. How about you give me 25 medium paced strokes. Remember, don't give up that tight grip!~

That's it, now it looks like you're really getting into it. I know you have a lot of jerking in store for you, so I'll show a bit of mercy, hehe. Keep at the same medium pace, and give me 20 more strokes.

Is that precum I see? Wow, you must really think I'm cute. How about you prove it and speed up a bit. Give me 20 fast strokes.

I know a lot of my fans just love my petite body, and you seem to as well! How do you think I look in these leggings? They just hug my curves so perfectly.