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Your Sister's Hot Friend, Gabbie Carter (Femsub, Worship, Stamina, Edging, JWC)


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9 minutes


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[ Edging ]  |  [ Endurance/Stamina ]  |  [ Choices ]  |  [ Storytelling ]


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[ Gabbie Carter ]

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It's been another few months since your last shoot, and as is usually the case, you get a message out of the blue. She said you do good work!" You - "Oh well, I think you do good work too…" Gabbie - "Ha, thanks. She also said you live in LA, is that right?" You - "Uh, yeah I just moved here.." Gabbie - "Cool! And I was hoping that maybe you could fill in?" You - "Really? Just let me shower real quick.." Gabbie - "Yay! Okay, just send me your address and I'll send an Uber over to you. See you soon!" You send her your address and quickly hop in the shower and clean up before you head over to the set.

You step out of the Uber, and Gabbie is waiting for you. Gabbie - "You made it! It's nice to meet you!"